Electromobility Reference Library

Started: 2019-01-19 | Last updated: 2022-12-06

Currently a selection of 7828 publications that we have used as sources, for our course material and presentations.
The documents are available in pdf format, in english or swedish, depending on the source.
This web page is adapted for use on mobile devices and the documents under each heading, are sorted by date in descending order.


Feel free to send tips on relevant publications that we may have missed to  Fredrik Hannerz - GTC  and they will be added to our ever-growing archive.

Additional online news on Electrified Vehicles and Sustainable Energy Supply, can be found at  InsideEVs ,  CleanTechnica  and  Electrec .

Check out GTC's range of  Electromobility Courses  (webpage in swedish, but the courses are given in English or Swedish).
They are developed in close collaboration with the automotive industry. In the last 3 years, we have had 1000+ participants.