The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve
the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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1.2 Reaching the actors


School/company staff, trainees and parents need to be informed about the student’s placement possibilities, framework conditions and criteria, funding, general organisation procedure, etc.
The coordinator will set guidelines for all persons who are or want to get involved in an internship.


The Coordinator aims to provide perfect placements which match the trainees’ needs and expectations with those of the company. This will include finding appropriate accommodation. caring about language and cultural aspects and obtaining funding for travel and subsistence

As possible sources of funding, sometimes local, regional or national authorities have special budget lines for the financing of mobility projects; another, very common source of funding are the EU-promoted programmes, such as Leonardo da Vinci for IVET or Erasmus for Higher Education. National Agencies are the competent bodies that should be addressed for applications.

These actions are necessary to make sure that the participants (students, apprentices, workers) are well informed about all aspects of the internship so as to have the possibility to take part in European mobility and make a successful placement abroad.


The coordinator collects information by checking websites, reading information material, attending information events, contacting persons from platforms, national agencies, intermediary organisations, potential hosting colleges and companies and/or other organisations to discuss possibilities.
Then, the coordinator informs the school and company staff through web platforms, conferences, and information events, (Level 1)
The coordinator of a sending college/company informs the workers, apprentices, trainees (and their parents if minor) through parents' meetings and intranets. (Level 2)
All coordinators guide potential participants via email, telephone and talks.

Level 1)
Web site for all the target groups containing information about:

  • What pathways are available for an internship program
  • Participating countries and how to get there
  • How to finance the internship

Level 2)
Meeting with target groups; information about the following subjects needs to be delivered:

  • Good practices with examples
  • Information about the objectives of internship
  • Information about application procedures
  • Presentation by former internship trainees
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