The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve
the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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1.6 Practicalities


The organisation of the practical arrangements concerning the period of internship, which include accommodation, travelling, insurance and agreements.


It is important to have a flexible organisation, provide security, meet legal requirements, provide a good basis for a successful cooperation and to secure the quality of the entire internship process.


The coordinator of the sending partner takes care of:

  • travelling arrangements
  • preparing a timetable
  • social security aspects
  • accident and public liability insurances.
  • insurance and information about p.p.e. (personal protection equipment)
  • internship agreement between sending partner, participant and company
  • if necessary, internship contract between sending partner and participant (with the parents if under-age)
  • accommodation (in coordination with the hosting company)
  • local transport (in coordination with the hosting company)
  • budget
  • risk evaluation