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3.1 The Trainee’s Report & Assessment


The trainee is expected to write a report of the stay and the activities carried out during the internship.

The report is addressed to the tutor of the sending partner (but a copy of it should also be sent to the tutor of the hosting or intermediary organisation).

The trainee should also include in the report a self-evaluation of their experience.

The trainees must be aware, their mobility could have had several sources of funding, which means an economic report will have to be handed out once the experience is over.


In order to check that the objectives set up at the beginning of the process have been achieved and to know to what extent the internship has covered the trainee's expectations.

The conclusions drawn from the report may be of great use to improve future experiences.


The trainee writes an evaluation of his experience during the internship using the document or the form supplied by the tutor of the sending partner.

Sometimes the same monitoring notebook includes a section that covers different issues and aspects for the trainee to complete.

The trainee, the supervisor and the tutor of the hosting partner should have a final meeting in order to evaluate the experience.

The trainee should also have a final meeting with his tutor in the sending partner to evaluate the whole period.

Sometimes an oral presentation is made by the trainees either in the sending or the hosting partner, or both, sometimes at the same company.

The economic report requires all receipts and invoices must be kept by the trainees and handed to the coordinator of the sending institution.