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1.3 Internship Activity Plan


You make a plan with a description of activities. You take into account the expectations of the sending college and of the trainees.


It makes clear what (to a certain degree) you want to realise with the trainees during the training period.


In the Internship Activity Plan you can make a distinction between:

  • Preparatory tasks (planning, organising the work shop, maintenance of parts and tools)
  • Executive tasks (installation, diagnosis, repair work)
  • Supporting tasks (administration, training, quality management, maintenance, safety & environment).
    You can also add the competences (professional competences and key or generic competences) needed to realise the expected goals for the internship. Presumably every country or region in Europe has an employer’s organisation that designs job competence profiles. You can read more about Key Competences for Trainees on Internship in 5.1.

Useful hints:

  • You make a survey of tasks, activities and skills and arrange an order of importance according to the priorities of the company.
  • You take into account prior conditions of the trainees.
  • You limit periods and stipulate a realistic duration (days, hours) per activity.
  • You take into account the often limited means of transport of the trainees (e.g. time schedule of public transport).
  • You provide time to demonstrate things and techniques, for consultation and feedback.
  • You schedule one or several moments of assessment, possibly with the internship coordinator or tutor.
  • You provide enough time as such that the trainees can work and can practise the assignments.
  • During the consultation you also provide time to discuss the completed tasks, to evaluate and to give feedback.