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2.4 Demonstrating


You offer concrete information in a visual, graphical way and you give the necessary oral explanation.


A picture says more than a thousand words! Trainees with pragmatic and active learning styles (see 2.5 Learning Styles) need very visual demonstrations.

It works also motivating when the trainees understand things immediately.


  • Visualize your manner of thinking, your analysis of a problem.
  • Ensure a clear structure with a logical order; show the steps in a process.
  • Work in phases if necessary.
  • Introduce each phase and focus on the most important points.
  • Give a short summary after each phase.
  • Take care that:
    • the trainees can see the process well,
    • the trainees can hear the explanation well,
    • the trainees understand the explanation,
    • the number of phases and operations can be overlooked,
    • the demonstration is not too complicated.
  • Give a summary of all phases after the complete demonstration


Always check if the trainees understand what you have been demonstrating or explaining.

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