The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve
the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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3.1 Assessment Conversation (with the trainees)
(and/or the coordinator/ tutor of the sending/receiving partner)


It is a conversation between you and the trainees in order to evaluate their performance during the internship period.


It provides an opinion concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the trainees with a view to their further training.

The result may be that the sending/receiving partner will give other directions to future internship projects (cf. 3.2).


  • Preparation of the assessment conversation
    • You inform the trainees concerning this conversation (When? What? How?).
    • Both you and the trainees prepare the evaluation points on the basis of previous evaluation conversations or feedback.
    • You indicate for each of the tasks what was the quality of the work done, the results they achieved.
    • You take into account the initial situation of the trainees.
    • You note bottleneck points/problems, e.g. when you think something has been a bit problematic or difficult for the trainees.
    • You note which additional tasks the trainees had to do that were not in the original description.
  • Description of the assessment conversation
    • You start the conversation: explain goals and working methods again.
    • You possibly evaluate the marks using an assessment form.
    • You give sufficient time to speak about every point, listen, ask questions, summarise.
    • You ensure that you can motivate your answer each time with examples.
    • You evaluate the reached level per item by comparing scores with the initial expectations.
    • You make an overall evaluation.
    • You express expectations for the continuation of the internship or for the next training period.


Be objective; don’t be influenced by prejudices, sympathy or antipathy.

At this stage the internship supervisor also needs to fill in some official documents, e.g. Europass Mobility (explained in How to fill in the Europass Mobility) or an Internship Logbook or Trainee’s Folder.