The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve
the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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1.2 Application

Who can apply?

  • People learning in all forms of vocational education and training except at tertiary level
  • People in the labor market
  • Teachers, trainers and other staff within teaching institutions or organizations

Where do I apply and how do I apply?

You have to contact your coordinator/tutor/teacher in your school/company. In some countries it is also possible to apply directly at the national organization, especially if you are an apprentice. One of these countries is Austria for example.

What are the criteria for being selected?

Often you are recommended by a teacher/tutor and other staff members in school or from the company. Although there are different criteria in every school and company, there are some skills that are necessary:

  • Social skills and maturity
  • Appropriate behaviour when communicating with adults and other students
  • Good grades in your studies and study motivation
  • Good attendance level
  • Language capability and motivation to learn languages
  • Interest in technology and in work experience

Who will decide if I am allowed to go?

Based on staff assessment a preliminary selection of the most suitable candidates is carried out. The preliminary selection is discussed together with the tutors of the class and staff members in school. When you are an apprentice, the decisions are taken by company staff. When a consensus is reached, the final selection of the students for an internship abroad is established

Which documents are necessary?

The coordinator will tell you which documents you have to hand in. Most of the time it is a CV and a letter of motivation in which you state your reasons why you should be the one selected to go abroad. Sometimes you will be also asked to fill in an application form or a questionnaire assessing your skills and knowledge.