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the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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1.3 Practical arrangements & information about:

What do I have to do there?

When you are on an internship you represent your school and yourself. You have to work in a company in a foreign country and therefore you have to adapt to the daily routines of working life. You have to keep working hours and follow different regulations given by your supervisor.
Often you cannot go home before the fixed time. If you for some reason need to go home earlier, you have to talk to your coordinator and the company. Bear in mind that you must have convincing reasons for terminating you internship earlier than planned.

How will I get there? Where will I stay? Who will organize the travel?

If your school organizes the internship, they usually take care of the travel arrangements. Otherwise, contact the organisation you sent the application to. Maybe they help you or you have to make the arrangements yourself. The hosting company or the hosting organisation might also be able to help you to find suitable accommodation in the local area with good possibilities to reach the company by local transports.
Attention! Often you donít have too much money to spend in mobility projects. The standard of accommodation will often be low, at studentís level, and the flight will often be low fair tickets.

What will happen when I arrive in the country?

The host organization will often meet you at your arrival and show you the necessities in the local area so that you can manage every day life easily on your own. Itís important to exchange phone numbers so you can get hold of the person responsible for you during the internship period. Often you have to get into the daily routines quickly, since the internship at the company often starts at once. Try to get hold of a map of the area. Take a walk in the local area and check out bus stops, restaurants, where to withdraw or exchange money, where to buy food and bus tickets.
Make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you before you leave your home country. The checklist in the tools section will help you.