The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve
the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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2.1 Introduction to a new country

When you arrive in the country, you will be met by the coordinator of the hosting organisation. He will give you a short introduction to the area where you will live for the next few weeks and provide some basic facts about the local culture. Also bear in mind what you have already read in 1.4. and 1.5.

Your coordinator might tell you something about the following topics:

  • your accommodation
  • tickets for public transport
  • bus stops
  • maps of the area
  • tips for how you could spend your spare time
  • fitness clubs, swimming pools, sports activities
  • special events
  • opening hours of shops and where they are
  • where you can do your laundry
  • banks and cash disposal machines
  • restaurants + pubs
  • mobile phones
  • tourist office
  • ...

Very often your coordinator will provide you with a handout summarizing all the necessary information. You will find some examples in the tools section.