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2.4 Writing daily/weekly reports

While you are on an internship your teachers at home want to share your experiences you have made on the workplace. But they are also interested in you spare time activities. Therefore you have to write daily or weekly reports about the things you have done.
What you have to include into your report varies from school to school. There are also different methods how you can hand in the report: e-mail, travel blogs, logbooks, ...
Bear in mind, that the daily/weekly reports are also the basis for your final report which you have to hand in at the end of your internship. So the better you prepare them the less work you have to do in the end because you have already collected a lot of facts.

Information your teacher would like to get:

  • Which tasks did you have to perform?
  • Were there any problems in the company?
  • Did you do any interesting spare time activities?
  • Did you feel good?