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2.5 Getting new experiences

Exploring a new country

Although an internship is not exactly a holiday you have enough spare time to explore the country. Plan some trips and spare time activities for your weekends. Ask your colleagues at the company, students in your hosting organisation or the coordinator about different possibilities like sport events, concerts, local clubs.

Take pictures so that you can show the people at home what you have done and which experiences you have made. Let them take part in your life when you are abroad. A travel blog or a web album might be good possibilities for doing that.

Try the local food and beverages at restaurants but also try to cook your own meals even if it seems to be difficult at the beginning. Here you can find some easy and traditional recipes.

Some of your colleagues or students in the hosting school might have similar interests like you. Ask them if you can join them in their activities. You could also go out together in the evenings. If they don't invite you, invite them.

What if... - Coping with unexpected situations

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Usually everything runs smoothly in your internship and there are always people who will help you. But if there is a problem, donít hesitate to ask for help. If you have made a mistake, donít hesitate to apologize. Nobody is perfect.
If there are difficulties on your work place your supervisor will be the person you have to talk to. For any other problems which you cannot solve on your own you can contact the coordinator in your hosting organization. So donít forget to get his telephone number.