The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve
the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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Internship to Industry = i2i

The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.


The i2i project – Internship to Industry was initiated to address the lack of skilled young workers in technical professions within the industrial branch in Europe.
In a couple of years, when many workers will retire, there will be a great demand for young workers. Therefore, it is important that VET adjust the training to meet the needs for the industry and that the students and apprentices will be well prepared for the working life with regard to good quality in work practice. This requires good co-operation between schools, training centres, institutions and enterprises.

How can we raise the quality?

Within the i2i project useful manuals were developed to secure the whole process of work placement from the preparation to the point of admission of internship. The manuals support schools, companies, exchange organisations, as well as participants.
European mobility is one possibility to increase the competitiveness of enterprises. Foreign work placements are especially well suited to gain international experience and to improve vocational, linguistic and intercultural competences. At the same time, work placements improve the quality of education and the industrial location.

What are the specific outcomes and products of the project?

Within the project three manuals were developed that provide assistance in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of stays abroad.

  • Manual for internship coordination in VET
This manual helps the coordinator to organise the internship. The internship procedure is presented step by step and different tools are supportive.
  • Manual for internship supervisors in VET
This manual supports the supervisor at the workplace by giving him/her tools for organising good learning on the work place and information of how to mentoring the trainee.
  • Manual for internship trainees in VET
This manual helps the trainee to prepare for the internship abroad. It aims to promote awareness of cultural diversity and describe different kinds of work placements in industry. It contains useful documents such as checklists, etc.

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Which countries are involved in the project?
Austria, Belgium, Spain (Catalonia) and Sweden

When will the project be finished?
We started in November 2007. The project runs over 2 years.

What kind of European Leonardo project is i2i?
This Leonardo project is called “Transfer of innovation”. i2i has studied a project from the health care sector and transferred some of its ideas to the industrial technical branch. You can read about the ETM project at their home page.

You can find more information about Leonardo projects at the web page of the European Commission.

Follow-up i2i

BSZ Coburg, GTC Gothenburg, HTL Vöcklabruck, VTI Waregem and VCG Gent are partners in the Partners pro Internship Project (PPI) and want to maintain & support the i2i website & its tools and promote the use of it in schools and companies.

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