The aim of this European Leonardo Da Vinci project is to improve
the quality of workplace training in industries in Europe.

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1.1 Internship Supervisor Job Description


As an internship supervisor your task is to introduce, accompany and coach the trainees in their work area.


You are the contact person and intermediary for the trainees, for the internship coordinator and the colleagues at the work place with regard to the evolution and the contents of the training period. The positive evolution of the internship depends very much on your support.

You can read about the advantages of an internship project for your company in Benefits of a European Internship Project (Belgium).


Read the Checklist – The Job of an Internship Supervisor and see what is applicable in your situation.


  • Supervisor as a person in charge of the introduction of the trainee
    • Provide practical things, such as company profiles, time schedules, computer access codes, etc.
    • Introduce the work setting, the staff and the clients
    • Explain house rules and safety regulations
  • Supervisor as a supporter of the trainee’s learning process
    • Take enough time for guidance and assessment of the trainee(s)
    • Be aware of the trainee’s professional and personal goals
    • Facilitate the trainee’s learning process
    • Be in continuous dialogue with the trainee
  • Supervisor as an assessor of the trainee’s performance
    • Be familiar with the trainee’s goals
    • Give feedback and assess the trainee’s performance
    • Promote the trainee’s self assessment
  • Supervisor as a cultural interpreter
    • Be competent in understanding & speaking a common (foreign) language with the trainee
    • Help the trainee to understand the cultural aspects of work & life in a foreign country
    • Explain reasons and provide justification for the used methods and practices
  • Supervisor as a role model
    • Represent a model of a professional worker
    • Encourage and inspire the trainee to have a reflective approach
    • Support the trainee’s ethical working
  • Working as a colleague
    • Acknowledge the trainee as one of the team
    • Acknowledge that the trainee is a novice, and give due respect and recognition to his/her efforts
    • Remember your own status as an authorised and trained professional


Acting as a contact person does not mean that you solve personal problems of the trainees.

Always remain neutral and objective!